Posted by: sallykendallmosaics | January 30, 2012

Rhianna buys Marilyn Monroe Mosaic

Marilyn Monroe MosaicRhianna buys Marilyn Monroe Mosaic

Recently Rhianna has paid a whopping reported £100,000 for a 5” portrait mosaic of the style icon, Marilyn Monroe.

Rhianna commissioned the piece to be made out of 65,000 Swarovski crystals by artist Claire Milner.

If you want a portrait of Marilyn yourself, then you don’t have to spend a fortune. Check out one I did of Marilyn Monroe made with ceramic tiles. This, or ones like it, can be yours at a fraction of the price.

For more information please contact me

Sally Kendall


  1. Hi Sally!

    Nice work.

    If you’d like to post an image of my Marilyn, please include a link to my website:

    Many thanks

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