Posted by: sallykendallmosaics | September 28, 2011

Amy Winehouse mosaic at The Hawley Arms

A loveing tribute donated by Mosaic Artist Sally Kendall.

Sally Kendall with her Amy Winehouse mosaic at The Hawley Arms.

Artsist Sally Kendall with her mosaic of Amy Winehouse that she donated to The Hawley Arms in Camden.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that my Amy Winehouse mosaic is up in The Hawley arms in Camden. I’m honoured the pub think it’s a fitting tribute to the late, great star, who was a frequent visitor. She had many friends there and could often be seen talking to the locals, putting tunes on the jukebox and pulling the odd pint.

I was lucky enough to meet her in 2010 and I showed her some photos of my mosaics of her. She absolutely loved them and I was in the process of having one delivered to her, shortly before her untimely death. As a sign of respect I appraoched The Hawley Arms to see if they would like it as a donation in her memory. It’s been installed in the VIP room, where she spent many happy hours.

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