Posted by: sallykendallmosaics | August 26, 2011

Sally Kendall donates Amy Winehouse mosaic to The Hawley Arms

I am really pleased to annouce that The Hawley Arms have accepted my offer of displaying one of my Amy Winehouse mosaics there. The Hawley Arms in Camden was Amy’s favourite pub, which is where I met her. My mosaic will be a tribute to the local, late, great star.

I am a Mosaic Artist based in North London and in 2008 I created three Amy Winehouse mosaics for an exhibition at The Orwell Bar in Islington. They have since been exhibited at various venues.

I met with Amy 2010 and I showed her the mosaics, which she absolutely loved! I was in the process of arranging to have one delivered to her shortly before her untimely death. As a sign of respect, I approached The Hawley Armsto see if they were  interested in having one, or several, of the artworks displayed there, on a sale or return basis or as a donation

I also approached other venues in Camden that Amy had performed at including, Koko, The Roundhouse, The Jazz Cafe and The Dublin Castle. I am currently waiting to hear back from these venues but I’ve had very positive feedback so far. I gave The Hawley Arms first refusal as this was a special place to Amy and she could often be seen chatting with the locals and pulling the odd pint. She will be sorley missed.

If you are interested in buying a mosaic or commissiong me please email me at your earliest convenience. I also have several mosaics currently being exhibited at The Woodman in Highgate including, my Mirror Mannequin, a Debbie Harry portrait and a Marilyn Monroe portrait as well as various prints of my work which are all available to buy.

Centre one measures 122cm 100cm £1,400, the smaller ones measure 98cm x 80cm £1,200 each.


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